Preaching is a process of unfolding: of carefully revealing and showing what is already there, accurately reading and diligently speaking, precisely studying and modernly communicating.


Part 2 of the series Bible stories by the famous minister from Amsterdam, rev. Nico ter Linden.

It contains words of and parables about Jesus of Nazareth as they have been written down about forty to fifty years after his death by Marc and Matthew.


Profession in the shadow of ministry 

The position of preaching within the development of the image of the profession of ministers in the Hungarian Reformed Church of Transylvania. 

Changes in self-image and self-awareness of ministers in the period 1990-2014 


The workers in the vinyard – 

Introduction to newcomers in Christian faith and in the Christian faith community


Creation: from Paul to Genesis

Part 4 in the series ‘Kleine Bijbelse Theologie’ (Small biblical theology of the Old Testament)



Psalms of Kings, King of Psalms

A study about the theology of psalm 72 in the context of the Book of Psalms



From the German original:
Der Pfarrer ist anders. Aspekte einer zeitgenössischen Pastoraltheologie, München 1982.


Balance, discussions about the bible by two prominent theologians from Transylvania

Our Lady Bears a Son – part 3 of the Dutch series ‘Small biblical theology’


Exodus and Exile

Part 2 in the Dutch series ‘Small biblical theology’


King and Temple – Part 1 of the Dutch series ‘Small biblical theology of the Old Testament’