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in the name of Exit, St. v. Praktische Theologische Vertaalprojecten in Zwolle, The Netherlands

The moderate prices of our books are not enough to pay the costs. So in order to facilitate its activities Exit Translations depends on gifts, funds and donations from individuals (in The Netherlands, Romania and the USA) who sympathize with its aims and activities.

Under Dutch tax law Exit Translations has a special status as a charitable institution (‘ANBI‘). This might be favorable for tax paying inhabitants in The Netherlands who would like to donate.

Financing is necessary for acquisition of translation rights, for translating and correcting texts by Hungarian speaking theologians, for editing and publishing and for marketing and selling.

You yourself may want to support one special publication. You’ll buy a book as a gift to a (by you known or even unknown) minister in Romania. Our contact at the publishing house, Mr. Botond Fazekas , will make sure your book with a message from you gets delivered for free.

The publishing house is to be found under this link.

You can order a book (in English) with Mr. Botond Fazekas.

Fazekas Botond