The board of EXIT Translations consists of members of the  Protestant Church in the Netherlands, the Remonstrant Brotherhood, the Liberal Protestants in The Netherlands, and the  Dutch Reformed Church.

Members of the Board

The present secretary
The present secretary
  • Mrs Rev Greteke de Vries, Bussum, moderator & website
  • Rev Jan Bouma, Kampen, secretary
  • Mrs Rev Marianna van de Graaf, Poortugaal, second secretary
  • Rev Ries Nieuwkoop, Zwolle, treasurer
  • Mrs Rev Tina Geels, Bunnnik, member
  • Mrs Foka van de Beek, Veenendaal, member

left to right: Ries Nieuwkoop, Foka van de Beek, Greteke de Vries, Tina Geels,

Jan Bouma, Marianna van de Graaf

Members of the Recommending Committee for The Netherlands

  • Prof. Dr E.H. Cossee, State University, Groningen
  • Prof. Dr. K.A. Deurloo, University of  Amsterdam
  • Mrs. Prof. Dr. M. T. Frederiks, State University Utrecht
  • Dr. G.H. van de Graaf, Protestant Minister in Rotterdam
  • Mrs Rev. W. Houweling, Secretary General, Liberal Protestant Religious Community NPB
  • Rev. F. Kruyne, Remonstrant Minister, Supervisor for Hungarian speaking Ministers in Romenia
  • Prof. Dr M. Th. van Leeuwen, Remonstrant Church, Utrecht
  • Rev. A. van Lunteren, Liberal Minister te Renkum, Dean College Liberal Pastoral Care
  • Prof. Dr Roest, Protestant Theological University, Groningen
  • Dr L.K.Marácz, Faculty of the Humanities European Studies, University of Amsterdam